Feline’s Arthritis – Making Her Life Comfortable

If you have a young cat then you need to worry less about her joints, but still precautions are necessary. However if you pet an old aged cat, who has started to show signs of restlessness, avoidance of exercising, decreased intake of diet, then you have a trouble mate. All these signs reflect that the […]

4 Excellent Ways To Administer A Treatment To Your Kitty

Do you have a pet cat? No, then don’t judge on how difficult it is to feed a cat their treatment. It might seem like an uncomplicated task to you just open their mouth and administer the treatment. Nevertheless, you’ll just wish if all the cats were like that. Cats are stubborn pets, if they […]

An Ultimate Remedy To Your Pet- Bravecto

You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re right! You share lots of memorable moments with your pooch anywhere, every day. According to ancient literature and people’s personal experience, Canine is considered as the most faithful pet on earth. Simple affection and concern are just […]

13 ODD Human First Aid Items – Part of Pet’s First Aid Kit

Every pet owner wants their pets to be safe and happy. Whether you are handling a serious health issue or a minor one, it’s important that you are aware of it and well prepared about it. One of the most crucial things that is required for pet care is a proper first aid kit. A […]

How To Treat A Cut Or A Wound On Your Pet?

Just like your children, your furry friends especially puppies are more prone to cuts and wounds. Taking care of pooch’s scratches and cuts are quite different from treating the same in humans. It mainly depends on the severity of the wounds. Whenever it happens, in case of minor wounds, you can very well handle it […]

Nutrition – One of the Crucial Factors to Consider in Pet Food

There is an old saying “You are what you eat.” This saying not only applies to human beings but also pets. Better quality food constitutes better quality ingredients which ultimately leads to better quality life of pets. Quality food is made up of essential nutrients hence, if you are looking for high-quality pet food, then […]

8 Ways to Prevent Intestinal Parasites in Pets

Intestinal parasites can have adverse effects on our furry pals. These intestinal parasites spread through the ingestion of contaminated feces and infected hosts. They can cause great harm to the pets. Hence, there needs to be a deworming protocol that needs to be followed for dogs and cats. If you are concerned about these intestinal […]

4 Uncanny Facts About Heartworms

Heartworm is a life-threatening disease that has an adverse effect on the health of the pet. Although this disease can be treated, the process can be extremely painful for the pet and also very long. It is also very costly; and so veterinarians in our country recommend to prevent this disease altogether, by administering Heartworm […]

6 Tips for Securing your Pet’s Health During Spring

Spring is that time of the year when the day gets warmer and families are eager to head outdoors. There is an ultimate desire in the minds of pet owners to enjoy natural, fresh and light air, which makes outdoor revelry for the furry pals and pet owners. It is also a good time to […]

Vet Tips To Care Your Cat Having Arthritis

Is your feline silently suffering in pain due to arthritis? If yes; it is time to take her to your veterinarian and get her relieved from the pain by getting her treated from this dreadful disease. Let us look at some of the vet tips that you need to follow to ease off the joint […]