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Fleas can be a grave threat to your cute little kittens. Fleas can irritate them and spread diseases that may even lead to anemia and other fatal illnesses. Moreover, fleas just don’t survive on your kitten, they can also invade your home and the backyard. So how do you get rid of these nasty fleas from your kittens? How do you eliminate them from your home? And how do you prevent them from coming back?…

Pet Microchiping & Cost

Have you ever contemplated the possibility of our four-legged companions being separated from us? What if they stray a little too far, get lost, or are stolen? Oh god, what a nightmare it seems to be!

The month of May is designated as ‘Chip Your Pet’ Month, and in recognition of that, we’d like to raise awareness about getting your pet microchipped. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about microchipping your pets.