Dog Ear Infection – Symptoms,Diagnosis and Treatments

  Dog ears are often overlooked by most pet owners while grooming. This is the most common reason why dogs contract infections in this organ. It is because ears give a perfect environment to the microorganisms to flourish. Thus, if it is not cleaned regularly, the bacteria and yeast can multiply quickly, causing various infections […]

Ways To Maintain Your Pet’s Hearing Health

Ears are the important part of senses. The hearing ability of species solely depends on the sound health of ears. Along with other sensory organs, ear plays a crucial role in guiding species and directing their actions in everyday life. As a pet parent, maintaining sound health of your pet’s hearing system becomes mandatory, given […]

How To Take Care of Dog’s Eye Infections

Eye infections are frequently occurring conditions in dogs. However, being so confident that your pooch is safe from infections is not a healthy sign of being a responsible parent. Eye infection can occur anywhere at any time so better be at a safe side and aware of the signs of eye infections. Some of the […]