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With language as the communication tool, humans are able to easily communicate to doctors about their health conditions as well can take care of themselves.

“But, does the same stand true for the pets?”

You’re RIGHT! The same is not true when it comes to your pets.

Unfortunately, your furry companions can’t speak about their health concerns or can’t inform you when they are feeling unwell. So ultimately, they have to rely on you to ensure they stay healthy and fit.

And looking at this, the American Veterinary Medical Association has deemed October as National Pet Wellness Month. Thus, throughout the month of October, numerous veterinary clinics arrange campaigns for pet wellness exams. No doubt, this provides you with an opportunity to take your pet for a health check-up.

Additionally, it’s also your responsibility as a pet parent to ensure your pet’s total well-being. So, here learn and find out how you can keep your furry friends healthy, promote their optimal health, and plan for their wellness exams.

1. Arrange for Regular Health Checkups with Your Vet

It is a fact that pets age faster than human. This definitely means that their health changes faster and fast aging can escalate health deterioration. Therefore, the best option to ensure their overall health is to schedule regular vet appointments. These visits help vets to:

  • Diagnose any illness and provide treatment in time.
  • Maintain your pet’s health and wellness on the right track.
  • Arrange vaccinations for protecting your pet & preventing unwanted diseases.
  • Treat harmful health conditions before they turn out to be fatal.

2. Maintain Weight of Your Pet

The statistics clearly states that more than half of dogs and cats in America are obese. And, it concludes that obesity can lead to a range of health conditions. The pet may run into the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, liver problems, heart conditions, kidney issues, and other health complications. Thus, it is always better to control your pet’s weight by:

  • Feeding them healthy food enriched with vital nutrients
  • Providing them lean fat diet
  • Giving them treats occasionally
  • Not spoiling them with table scraps
  • Exercising them regularly, and
  • Taking them on frequent walks

3. Don’t Miss Dental Health of Your Pet

Along with maintaining your pet’s weight; it is crucial to take care of their dental health. Similar to humans, dental hygiene plays an important lead in their overall health. Ignoring the basics of their dental health can put your pet at the risk of periodontal disease. Furthermore, this malady can pave way to pain, tooth loss, and vital organ damage, when left untreated. Shiny teeth, strong gums, and fresh breath give them the extra boost making their life journey easier. And luckily, routine dental hygiene can extend your pet’s lives adding up the years. Thus, provide the best dental care to your pet by practicing the following:

  • Maintaining dental hygiene by regular brushing and rinsing
  • Offering dental chews for strong teeth
  • Regular vet visits for dental exams to find and treat dental issues before they become irreversible
  • Feeding them special dental diets and treats

Regular health check-up with your vet is important for the prevention of various chronic and fatal health conditions and diseases. Therefore, without giving a second thought take full advantage of this National Pet Wellness Month by taking a wellness exam at a vet office as most veterinary offices will arrange campaigns for FREE Wellness Exams for the month.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.