Acute Diarrhea in Dogs : Symptoms And Treatments

  Diarrhea is a sudden onset of loose stools that are watery and at times can contain heavy amounts of mucus due to intestinal infection. Hookworms, tapeworms or whipworms when present in the intestines of the dogs, can damage its walls resulting in bloody stools.  Other very common reasons for diarrhea in dogs are – […]

Canine Anaplasmosis: Learn about Basic Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

  Anaplasmosis is a tick-borne disease. Anaplasma Pyagocytophilum is the bacterium that causes this disease. It can be transmitted to your pet by the western black-legged tick and deer tick or black-legged tick. Another form of anaplasmosis is caused by the bacteria Anaplasma Platys and is caused by the brown dog tick. Read on to […]

7 Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

You may be wondering about the possible ways to guard your pet against the scorching heat of the summer. Well! The hot season is not just only about the hot air. It is also the season of beaches and barbeque evenings. With few precautions and measures, you can enjoy the summer to its fullest along […]

Why Spending Time With Your Pet Is So Important?

Spending a quality time with one’s pet is one of the defining values of the pet parenting. Yet over the years, there has been a considerable decline in the time given to a pet by the pet owner. The reason often cited is busy schedule and the internet age we all are living in. As […]

Joint Care Supplements to Improve Joint Mobility in Dogs

Joint care supplements are gaining a strong foothold among pet parents to aid their senior pets to combat pain experienced due to wear and tear of the joints and aging process. Not only the demand for these products has come from pet parents having senior dogs but also from those having young dogs. This is […]

5 Best Tips To Look After Your Dog’s Coat

What is the first thing you like when you see a dog? It’s their coat obviously. A shiny and glossy coat of a dog attracts the people’s attention. Not only that but a dog’s fur and coat depict the health of a dog. A shiny and strong coat shows that a dog is happy and […]

A Complete Action Program For Your Pet’s Dental Care

For the sake of overall well-being, practicing good oral hygiene is of paramount importance. Be it a two-legged species or a four-legged species like your furry pal, to neglect the daily routine of brushing or cleaning the teeth is like giving invitation to a plethora of dental diseases. Oral system if not properly taken care […]

What Are You Going To Do With Your Pets This New Year

New Year is approaching very fast to enter our lives. New Year is not just a beginning of a new year, but a reason, a chance, a way to make our life better, to be a more improved individual than we were, the previous year.  And, surely your furry pal is what makes your life […]