5 Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day


National Cat Day refers to the event which is celebrated every year on October 29th with the main objective of raising awareness about the plight of our furry munchkins. Cats are forced to battle ill-treatment, abandonment and utter neglect at the hands of humans, the species who they love and adore the most. Famous author Charles Dickens described the beauty and uniqueness of the love that cats hold in their hearts for humans with the following message:

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?”

Cats give us their all without demanding even a single thing in return. They are willing to sit silently close to our feet purring away to glory simply because of the happiness they experience in your company. Our four-legged companions play a huge role in the lives of humans especially in the case of widows, aged individuals who sadly in many cases are left without anyone to take care of them. With the national cat day all set to arrive in the coming days, let’s take a look at 5 ways in which you can celebrate the glorious occasion:

  • Catering to her need for grooming:

Cats are very tidy creatures and love maintaining a clean body at any cost. It will certainly help your furry pal feel extra special if you devote your day for catering to his/her need for grooming. A grooming session can help reduce hairballs making your cat feel all the better. One can also clean out the loose hair on the cat’s body providing an enhanced opportunity to seek out ticks, hot spots as well as tender spots. It is also advisable to trim your cat’s nails as efficiently as possible as failure to do so can prove extremely hazardous in nature.

  • Express your love and affection as soon as possible

Cats are extremely intelligent animals and can understand human gestures and intentions very easily. Several experts have even gone to claim that the only thing separating cats from humans is an inability to express their opinions. You can always make your furry munchkin’s day an extra special one by expressing your love and affection through interaction. Speak to them in a loving, affectionate manner and the happiness will be evident in their body language as they jump around in glee.

  • Spend time playing with your cat in the garden:

Cats and dogs enjoy one similarity despite all their differences i.e. a strong desire to go outside and play as much as possible. Many experts believe that this is mainly because of their natural instincts have evolved as species out in the wild. However, in most of the cases, they are usually forced to sit indoors or play alone because of official tours or responsibilities which affect their owners. Considering this, nothing would please your cat more than spending the whole day in your company playing around joyfully in the garden. The wide grin on their faces will certainly be reward enough.

  • Purchase some treats or gifts:

Our four-legged companions love surprises as much as we do. You can always make national cat day a joyous occasion for him/her by purchasing some of their favorite toys or food items.

National cat day is nothing short of a tribute to God’s beautiful gift to mankind in the form of cats. You should do your bit towards making the day special for your furry pals through concrete measures.

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Post Author: Jesse McDaniel

Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aide on a regular basis.