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Among the various flea and tick treatments available, most of the pet parents prefer Frontline Plus to other products. It is an effective solution to stop flea infestation. It not only kills adult fleas and ticks but also attacks all the life stages of fleas protecting pets from re-infestation.

This Merial product is powerful enough to eliminate fleas and ticks without harming your dogs and cats. As it is highly beneficial to pets and works instantly, most of the pet owners are always eager to find out how this Frontline Plus works on their pets and fights back external parasites preventing infestation.

Frontline Plus acts right from the very first application. This flea and tick treatment kills 98-100% of existing fleas in less than 24 hours and continuously provide fast-acting, long-lasting flea and tick control.

How Frontline Plus Works on Pets to Kill Fleas and Ticks?

Frontline Plus contains two active ingredients, which are quite powerful in eradicating the external parasites completely. The first component – Fipronil is present in all frontline products such as topical solution and sprays. When Frontline Plus is administered, Fipronil gets stored under pet’s skin, in the oil glands, so it constantly gets on to the skin and hair through the hair follicles making it waterproof. When fleas and ticks attack your dog, Fipronil kills them instantly. It kills adult fleas and ticks without giving them chance to lay eggs.

The second active ingredient – (S)- methoprene attacks flea eggs and larvae and prevent future infestation. Both these active ingredients work together and protect pets from flea infestation.

Frontline keeps onto the skin for a whole month, as it is waterproof and would not rinse off even through your dog’s monthly bath or swim or your cat self-grooming. It goes on working for the entire four weeks, giving your pet protection from fleas and ticks.

Frontline Plus Breaks Flea Life Cycle
Frontline solution starts working on administration by killing fleas and ticks as soon as they come into contact with your dog and cat. This topical solution also prevents future fleas from biting by killing flea eggs and larvae before they hatch.

Frontline Plus Breaks Ticks Life Cycle
Frontline Plus controls ticks apart from fleas. This one-time easy application kills tick eggs and larvae present on your dog or cat body. Thus, it breaks ticks life cycle and completely eradicates ticks. The spot-on solution is gentle enough on puppies and kittens as well as pregnant and nursing mothers.

Frontline Plus in Action
It is quite easy to apply Frontline Plus onto dogs. Just squeeze Frontline pipette on your pet’s shoulders and the active ingredient quickly spreads throughout the entire body by dissolving into the natural oils of the skin and coat. Its fast –action instantly kills fleas and ticks that come in contact, and long lasting, waterproof property makes it stay for an entire month.

Frontline Plus kills fleas within 18 hours of contact with treated pet and ticks die within 48 hours of contact with your treated pet. The topical solution spreads throughout the body of your pet by the process called translocation. This process takes up to 24 hours to complete. On application, the product slowly dispersed by pet’s natural oils, collecting in the oil glands in the skin. Thereafter, it is wicked onto the hair over the next 30 days.

For Frontline Plus, fleas and ticks do not have to bite your pets for it to work. The treatment kills fleas and ticks when they come into contact with your pet’s coat. It happens that after you apply Frontline Plus, you may see more fleas on your pet hair. This proves that the product is working. The solution makes fleas hyperexcited drawing them towards the top of the coat before dying. This makes them more visible to you.

Most of the pet owners think that just giving one-time treatment to their pet is enough to keep fleas and tick away. Nevertheless, you need to know that even if you have treated your pet, there are fleas present in the environment. The most of the fleas that you find in your home are usually hatched flea eggs that were deposited in the surroundings before you have started flea and tick treatment on your pet. Regular monthly application of Frontline Plus will help to eliminate all the fleas along with indoor flea life cycle. In the warm climatic zones of United States, it is important to treat pets year around with Frontline Plus.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aide on a regular basis.