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Do you find the shill, explosive sound of firecrackers irritating? If yes; then imagine the predicament of your pet dog or cat on New Year’s Eve. The problem starts when you are a party animal and your furry pal does not share the passion of loud sounds and fiery displays. With the campaign popping and fireworks dazzling, your doggy is bound to freak out on the New Year’s Eve.

In order to put your pooch at ease and calm his frazzled nerves follow these tips given below:

Prevent Your Dog from Freaking Out During New Years Celebration

Take Dog For A Long Walk During The Day

Before the New Year’s Eve celebration starts take the furry pal for a long walk during the day. Let him search everything around him. Once he has exhausted his physical and mental energy take him indoors. The pet will be too tired and drained to worry about the noise, light and activities taking place outdoors.

Plan a Pooch-And-Me New Year’s Party

If you are planning for a pooch-and-me New Year’s party, ensure that all the windows and curtains are closed once it gets dark. There are certain people who like to start with the fireworks early so be prepared for it early on.

Divert The Attention Of Your Dog

Play a music or a game to divert the attention of your furry pal from the happenings outside. You can even give him a new toy or a tasty treat.

Stay Indoors with Dog

During the fireworks, keep your dog indoors. To ensure his safety sit with him and calm him down.

Never Tempt The Doggy With A Treat While He Is Hiding In The House

There are certain favorite spots of dogs in the house where he hides like in the cupboard or under the bed. But never ever try to tempt him with treats because that can increase his anxiety. It can even injure you when he scratches your arm from the hiding place.

Never Punish Him For Getting Frightened

It is quite natural for your little pal to get frightened during the New Year’s Eve due to noise. But you need to be patient with him and instead of punishing him or giving him attention just ignore him. If you do not do this, he might feel that the fear is rewarded.

Create A Safe Space For Your Doggy In The House

In case you have guests in the house and there is no time to comfort your doggy during the fireworks, create a safe space for him. You can do this by using blankets so that he can snuggle inside it. To encourage him to get inside, place some treats in the safe space. This way he will associate positive things with the safe space and escape there whenever he feels scared.

Microchip Your Dog

Always ensure that your doggy does not have any space to run out of the house, especially when there is a loud party going on. So, either leave him at a safe spot or ensure that he is microchipped. This way you can easily track him down if he runs away.

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Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.