A Renowned legend, Frontline Plus has been a product that’s been ruling the flea and tick treatment market for over one and a half decade now. Pets and their parents have accepted and trusted this product and made this one of the highest selling products every year. But even the most celebrated products have some […]

Flea and Tick Treatment: Bravecto Chewable VS Bravecto Spot On

There is a longstanding debate amongst the pet parents about which one’s a better type of flea and tick treatment– Oral or Topical. Some of them are more inclined towards topical while some are strictly advocating Oral treatments and there are some more people who say that they go with the type of treatment that […]

Why is Bravecto the Most Trending Flea and Tick Treatment Today?

Dog owners always want to ensure that their tyke remains in the pink of their health. But there are times when these furry friends have to deal with irritating pests encompassing fleas and ticks which make their life miserable. To relieve them from this predicament, as a dog owner, you have various flea and tick […]