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New Year is approaching very fast to enter our lives. New Year is not just a beginning of a new year, but a reason, a chance, a way to make our life better, to be a more improved individual than we were, the previous year. And, surely your furry pal is what makes your life complete.

8 Activities With Pets During New Years Celebration

This New Year, as part of your responsibilities towards pets and pet parents, we provide you some hints to make the year 2022, a wonderful year for your pet and for yourself.

1. Make A Trip With Pets

What can be more beautiful than going for an adventure trip this New Year eve with your darling furry pal.  If you have not tried this before, then, this is worth trying. Dogs are great explorers; you can sense this in your home. Maybe he is looking for some outing this year. So, where are you planning to go this New Year?

2. Arrange A Special Feast

While we take care of our table, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other reason to serve our appetite, it is our furry pal, who is left behind during all these feasts. Therefore, this New Year, arrange a special dinner for your little friend and yes, do not overfeed him.

3. Check Your Pet’s Weight

While it has being seen that, pet parents do care for their little furry pal, this care often results into making them obese and physically less active. Therefore, physical fitness is must for your little furry pal. Go for regular walks, make him do fast paced exercises to remain in good shape.

4. Find A Companion For Your Dog

Dogs are very social in nature. They are truly man’s best friend. But, they do love to have someone of their own kind to play and share love with each other. So, the best thing you can do for  your furry pal is to adopt a new dog or pup this New Year.

5. Spend More Time with Your Furry Pal

Dogs are one of few breeds of animals, who possess high intelligence level. They can feel and notice when their masters are not available to them. They can’t talk but certainly they can feel. Try to spend quality time with your furry pal.

6. Check Your Dog Kit

Your dog kit must have necessary ammunition to fight fleas and ticks, and wormers. It should also contain products for eye and ear care, joint care and wounds.

7. Consult Vet As Precaution

This is of paramount importance, as you must involve vet expertise in making your pet’s life disease free. This makes you fulfill the duty of a proud pet parent.

8. Safety First For You and Your Pet

This is one aspect related with your pet, which you cannot compromise at any cost. Safety of your pet comes always first. This New Year, make arrangement that crackers don’t scare him. Make sure he is far away from these crackers. And, yes, your dog must carry an ID, for any unfortunate incident.

This New Year spread love, spread happiness in the life of your pet. We, at CanadaPetCare are working tirelessly to make this world a more-pet friendly. And, yes, Happy New Year!!

8 Amazing Ideas for Pet Parent to Celebrate New Year with Pets


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.