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The harsh winters can be cold for your furry family members too; when the temperature drops it is important to keep them warm and avoid falling ill. Depending on the breed, age, fur thickness, and daily activity levels, there might be different ways to care for your dog.

Meaning, some might need warmer sweaters than others and some would love to play in the snow without getting cold, but irrelevant to that every pet needs to be cared for during the winters.

Here, we have shared with you, some winter tips to keep your dog warm during colder months.

1. Winter Exercises

Exercising will not only keep your dog healthy but also aid in keeping them warm. Although, avoid exercising outdoors, especially in the mornings or after evenings. It is preferable to learn some indoor playtime that includes the necessary activities to keep burning your pooch’s calories.

2. Winter Dog Apparel

Every dog needs a sweater for surviving in the winters, but small dogs with less fur on their bodies will need thicker jackets. It is best to know how cold your dog gets before buying them sweaters or jackets. Also, puppies are less cold-tolerant and so they need more aid in warming themselves as compared to adults.

3. Winter Paw Care

The cold weather is extremely harsh on the paws; these are also the most vulnerable parts of the body. This makes it important to keep the paws warm to protect your pup from the winter. Consider buying some dog shoes, which will keep their paws protected from the cold and wet floor.

If your dog doesn’t like to wear shoes, keep checking for injuries and give them extra attention while warming them. Additionally, remember to keep their paws well moisturized to avoid chaffing or cuts.

4. Winter Bedding

All your pet need is warm bedding in their favorite spot in the house to avoid the cold floors. Make sure that the cozy bed is on a lifted surface for it to remain warm; one can even have a heated bed for cold intolerant pups.

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Winter Safety Reminders

  • Use a dog-safe heater to keep the house warm
  • Keep your pooch well-fed with healthy food and hydrated
  • Keep your canine companion dry and clean
  • Ensure that your canine is kept away from the fireplace and the anti-freeze
  • Always keep them on leash during walks
  • Avoid going outside in cold weather
  • Know the warning signs for frostbite or hypothermia in dogs
  • Unfortunately, winter doesn’t mean no fleas or ticks, so keep giving their regular treatments
  • Avoid cutting your dog’s fur and letting them grow out in the winter; this naturally keeps them warm
  • Keep an eye on their water; it shouldn’t be cold

At the End of the Day,

Know your surroundings and judge accordingly. Even if you live in a place where the weather doesn’t get too cold, it is advisable to watch your dog’s body language and keep them actively engaged. This not only heightens their good spirits, but is also healthy.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.